About Us

GDPro Data Protection provides compliance services relating to regulations that regulate personal data protection, defining an adequate information security model, assessing the risks of security breaches and continuous monitoring of the compliance.

Considering that protection of the right to privacy implies a permanent link between legal sciences and information technologies, we are a team of lawyers and information technology engineers with many years of experience working in state bodies, businesses, civil society organizations and law firms in Serbia.

Head of Legal team

Miloš Todorović

Miloš Todorovic was born in 1974 in Belgrade, where he graduated at the Faculty of Law of the Belgrade University and passed the Bar exam. He had worked in both, public and private sector, civil society organizations and a law firm. During his career, he gained experience in implementation, drafting and analysis laws, by-laws, internal general and individual acts and procedures. He managed e – government projects.

Head of IT

Dragan Jeremić

Dragan Jeremić was born in 1974 in Arandjelovac. He graduated at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, Department of Computer Science and Informatics. He had worked in both, public and private sector, with producers, distributors and users of ICT equipment, as well as an independent consultant. During his career, he participated in  development and implementation of various security strategies and plans, including the implementation of ISO27001 standards, drafting of the Information Security Act, strengthening the capacities of CERT teams and other.